County Clerk

Conference Agenda



  • Benjamin J. Wade, Soccer Coach, Artistic Director/Conductor, Composer, Survivor Tocantins, World Record Kayak Holder. Benjamin Wade Blog
  • David Remson, "Surviving the Multi-Generational Workplace." Phone: 303-564-6628, e-mail: [email protected]
  • Linda Marie Manton, Cooperative Extension System. Email: [email protected], Phone: (559) 646-6531
  • Darlene Liesch, Cooperative Extension System. E-mail: [email protected], Phone: (661) 868-6212
  • Maria Mindlin, Transcend. "Readability of your Documents." Transcend
  • Mariana Gitomer, Public Information Officer for the Social Security Administration
  • Howard Josephs, Customer Service Manager for the Los Angeles Passport Agency.
  • Gary M. Teragawa, "Care and Feeding of your Employees, Poll Workers or Volunteers."