CACEO Fiscal Services Workshop and SB 90 Committee

The California Association of Clerks and Election Officials has a Fiscal Services Committee that meets quarterly, and consists of staff in each county that performs fiscal tasks. In smaller counties this may be the Registrar themselves, or it might be managers or staff in the fiscal division of larger counties.  In years without a pandemic, these meetings happen in Election Departments around the state; in 2020 and beyond, the meetings are virtual. The committee arose from the 2014 project to collect election costs for publication; the project's work can be found below. This page also includes past meeting agendas, and some commonly requested documents related to election cost collection and billing.

The SB 90 Committee was brought back by need in 2019. Because the attendees have such a high rate of overlap, generally these two separate committees meet concurrently and share an agenda and time at conferences.

CACEO Election Costs Project (2016)

Research Briefs Welcome and Analyses Intro
Labor Costs with Summary Research (Brief 1)
Electoral Complexity with Summary Research (Brief 2)
Jurisdictional Complexity with Summary Research (Brief 3)
CACEO Analysis Part 1
CACEO Analysis Part 2
User Notes


Statewide Costs as of 2019

Meeting Agendas

March 2021
December 2020
September 2020
July 2020
May 2020
December 2019
September 2019
July 2019
April 2019
December 2018

Other items of interest 

CCROV #18206 - Cybersecurity/Accessibility/Voting System Replacement - HAVA Grants
CCROV #19056 - Voting System & EMS Replacement
CCROV #20111 - CARES Act funding
CCROV #20160 - Grant funding

CCROV #13060 - regarding billing special districts
Fresno Court case - regarding billing
Yolo Court case - regarding billing

Election Billing Subcommittee Report 1991