Clerks of the Board: Got a Legislative Proposal for CACEO Sponsorship?

Legislative proposals suitable for CACEO sponsorship that impact Clerk of the Board programs should focus on improving or streamlining the processes and programs administered by COBs. Primarily such legislation will be technical in nature and will usually not involve controversial policy issues. If you are considering submitting a proposal for sponsorship, bear in mind that legislation that merely shifts workload and administrative responsibility to the state or to another local government officer is not likely to be successful without very significant justification.

You also may have identified one or more code sections that use the term “clerk” or “county clerk” that is either out date or needs clarification as to whether it refers to the county clerk, the clerk of the board, registrar of voters the clerk of the superior court, or the city clerk. CACEO has had an ongoing program for decades designed to clear up these ambiguities.

Included in the information that the proposal form requires is specific legislative language adding, amending, or repealing the code section or sections dealing with the subject. It also requires an explanation of exactly what the proposal would do; a description of what problems the proposed legislation would solve; specifically how the proposal would affect the Clerk of the Board; a justification for the proposal; a listing of other code sections that would be affected, if any; a description and estimate of cost savings to your office or to COBs statewide; a listing of other agencies that would be affected, if any; and your best guess as to who might support or oppose the legislation.

Legislative proposals should be sent to John McKibben, Chairman of the COB Legislative Committee, no later than November 20, 2015 at [email protected] or at 500 West Temple St., Room 383, Los Angeles CA 90012. Or you may fax it to John’s attention at (213) 620-0636. If the COB Legislative Committee approves the proposal, it will be voted upon by CACEO’s COB members at New Law Workshop in Sacramento on Thursday, December 10, 2015.

If you have questions, call John at (213) 200-9610.